Jenny’s Pilates class has made a huge difference to my life in terms of balance, coordination and flexibility.  I have Parkinson’s but from my first class this has never been an issue.  Jenny’s unique delivery ensures that I just feel like one of the class.  I am ever thankful that I attend a class where the teacher is passionate and knowledgeable about their subject as well as caring for their students.
Janet I 

Jenny is a powerhouse of positivity; if you need lifting mentally or physically, I would strongly recommend you try one of her classes which are suitable for all ages and abilities.  I have an arthritic hip and am still able to access the classes under her guidance.  Since doing Pilates with Jenny my posture has improved and the muscles surrounding my hip have strengthened which has given me more mobility.  Something which I always get from Jenny’s class, which isn’t tangible, is a sense of community; being part of a supportive group of people who care, which is priceless.  You don’t get that on a Peloton or a cross trainer.  

Zoom classes

Simply wonderful.  I have been doing Pilates regularly for 10 years now but attending Jen’s Pilates classes first in person and now online has led me to fall in love with Pilates all over again.  The classes are a perfect mix of dynamic, strength and stretching exercises, and I am now more toned, stronger and flexible as a result!  Jen is truly passionate about Pilates and this really shines through when she teaches – she explains all of the moves and positions clearly, offer insights and anecdotes with a wide range of Pilates moves making every class a well-rounded experience.  I am so grateful to be part of the welcoming community she has created!      Rebecca

There is no Pilates teacher quite like Jenny!  Her bright persona and beautifully executed Zoom classes are the perfect start to my  days.  Jane

I was always sceptical about trying Pilates as was not sure how it could help me but, boy, am I glad I tried it.  It’s my weekly MOT for my body and soul and I wouldn’t be without it!  Having suffered with a bad back for years, I no longer see my chiropractor as Pilates is all I need.  Jenny takes things at a pace you need – by demonstrating different options to some of the exercises and makes you feel at ease and never pressures you to do anything you cannot do.  Jenny is a breath of fresh air and brings warmth, humour, love and laughter to the class and is an awesome Pilates teacher.

Thank you Jenny for all that you do and how you have continued to adapt during the Pandemic by bringing Pilates into people’s homes.     Sam

I have known Jenny for about 6 years when I first joined her class at Nuffield Harrogate.  Jenny is a first class instructor with a wealth of knowledge of her subject and her emphasis is always on the safety and well-being of those she is teaching.  She is patient and encouraging and never critical and will always offer an alternative if a specific exercise is difficult or a class member has an injury/disability.  Since May 2020 Jenny adapted her class to teach online thus affording the opportunity for everyone to enjoy Pilates when gyms were closed or latterly when it was deemed a risk for some to return to live classes.  Her Zoom classes also offer the chance for many to meet and talk to others which definitely aids their mental health. 

Jenny is conscientious and hard-working and always puts others before herself – helping her clients to feel fitter and healthier in the daily life.      Fiona 

I have done a variety of Jenny’s classes both “live” and on zoom and can highly recommend them.  Jenny is an excellent teacher giving clear instructions on both technique, breathing and variations if you are not feeling 100%, so you can make the classes as challenging as you want.    The classes are fun and chatty and Jenny always looks fit, healthy and strong which is what I am aiming for so she is an inspiration too.  Joanna