I am 63 years old and have worked in the fitness industry since 2000 having progressed from a focus on dance and nutrition to Pilates based conditioning.

  • Clients are encouraged to find their own comfort zone/challenge within the mixed ability class through modified movements at different levels.
  • I do not teach from a remedial viewpoint so a more specialised class may be suitable for some people.
  • My classes focus on rhythm and flow and fun! I want people to relax and feel part of something special and to become more flexible, strong and co-ordinated.
  • I have tremendous empathy with people who want to tone up, lose weight and gain control of their body and their life.
  • Regular attendance is essential for optimum results and maintenance.  Classes are delivered both online via Zoom and also at Apley Grange Annexe in Harrogate and at local fitness centres.

Qualifications and Experience…

  • I have taught Pilates for over 20 years and originally qualified through the Michael King Institute in 2000 and again with Modern Pilates at CYQ Level III in 2007 (one of the first 20 instructors in England to gain this now nationally recognised qualification)
  • I worked for  Rosemary Conley during 2000-2002 teaching specialist diet and exercise classes and ran my own diet and exercise club.
  • I  taught aerobics and body conditioning for over 10 years.
  • I hold a BA Honours Degree in Art and English Literature and offer an informative newsletter as part of my monthly class subscription and am an excellent communicator.
  • YMCA Exercise to Music Level II 2000
  • CIMPSA registered at Level 3 and insured.

What Happens in a Class?

I always follow the basic principles of Pilates.  You will need your own mat which should be supportive and a good length.  A thin pillow or cushion is useful together with one or two light to medium handweights, a medium resistance band for stretches and a small Pilates ball.

When you are new to Pilates it can take a few sessions to get into it. l am very much accustomed to dealing with all levels within a class. PLEASE do not give up after one session! It can be daunting to try something new at first but, once the movements become more familiar, you will start to gain a sense of control and can focus on improving your technique.

The classes are completely non-competitive.  Please wear layers to adjust to temperature. We will not be getting hot but, if you work hard, you can feel quite warm!   Do please make sure you feel well, hydrated and comfortable when you plan to join a class.

I believe that is ESSENTIAL to perform Pilates moves regularly. From my personal experience it has been a lifesaver. My role is to encourage and guide you to do so. The more often you practise Pilates the more your body needs it. It can change your shape but that takes dedication and time. It really is up to you as to what you want to achieve.

Let me inspire you to be in control of your own health and well-being through my classes ….